Hello World!

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Hello World!

My name is mauvehed or Nate, depending on how you found your way here. I am a family man above all else and dedicated to my wife and children. By day I am an information security people leader (manager by title) and a hacker/tinker/maker by night. I've been building or breaking things since I was little and the habit hasn't slowed down yet. I dabble in both the technical and non-technical and find my true happiness somewhere in the balance of the two.

Over the decades I've picked up a variety of hobbies that range from running, cycling, juggling, cubing, DJing, woodworking, electronics and more.

Consider this my placeholder, introductory, and welcome post to my new space for dumping the contents of my mind in both cohesive and incoherent ways. While I have some general ideas of what kinds of topics I expect to explore (mental health, technology, leadership, security) I am not set on simply writing about computers, tech and programming.

I hope you will explore a range of topics with me as I utilize this platform and blog to both motivate myself and hopefully others to learn, grow, and adventure through new ideas.